Programa de intercâmbio de futebol

ESP is the most well-known project for SPORTS EXCHANGE in Brazilian soccer and aims to provide athletes, coaches and teams from all over the world the experience of true Brazilian soccer.


The training program is aimed at athletes aged 9 to 20 years old. The exquisite and admired techniques of five-time world soccer champions are shared, such as the art of dribbling, the power of creativity and the Brazilian swing.


For coaches and coaching staff, Cruzeiro offers all the knowledge and experience of a Club with almost 100 years of history and many titles won.


The athlete will be able to experience the city of Belo Horizonte by immersing himself in the city's culture at sightseeing tours.


The Exchange Soccer Program has hosted over 3,000 young people from all over the world and is synonymous with success!



Program participants also have Portuguese, capoeira and a lot of samba classes. Futsal classes are also offered, with a focus on improving attack and defense, dribbling and decision making, in addition to stimulating creativity.


(Bilingual trainers, official fields, changing rooms, medical area, complete training material, restaurant, 24-hour security)


Some of our clients: Germany, Angola, Argentina, Chile, China, Cameroon, Canada, Kazakhstan, South Korea, United States, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Peru and Portugal. 



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Phone: +55 (31) 3349-1505